Lizzie Grover Rad is a formally trained interior architect and designer with a BFA from George Washington University. An entrepreneur from the start, Grover Rad launched her first company, Hutch, while in college making a million dollars in revenue before graduation. Focused on taking the antiquated and expensive interior design industry online, she and her co-founders went on to raise over $18 million dollars in Silicon Valley venture capital valuing the company at $50 million. As Chief Creative Officer, Grover Rad led a team of over a 100 designers around the world providing fast and affordable design.

In 2018, Lizzie left Hutch to pursue traditional interior design with her own design studio. Her love for fashion has always played a big role in her life, which led her to start her namesake brand in 2022. Lizzie tapped her former Hutch co-founder and CEO, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, to join Grover Rad as her business partner. Lizzie leads Grover Rad as it’s founder and creative director with a team of 4 based in  Los Angeles. Lizzie Grover Rad is originally from Richmond, VA and currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Sean Rad, and their dog, Minnie.